Real Estate Law

While every real estate relationship begins with a transaction, a contract, a lease, or a loan, some end in disputes.  When we represent clients on the transactional side, our goal is to foresee, plan for, and avoid potential disputes while ensuring maximum protection for our clients.  In the event a dispute does arise over any real estate related issue, our law firm is experienced in aggressively pursuing our clients’ goals through the most effective and efficient means.

Our firm is experienced in landlord-tenant law and all issues that may arise over a rental/lease agreement, whether it is commercial or residential, or whether our client is the landlord or the tenant.  The landlord-tenant relationship is based on statutory law and contract agreements, and the rights and duties of each side often need to be protected and enforced.  We have decades of experience in drafting agreements as well as resolving conflicts that may arise.

Our real estate clients generally come from the Peninsula, San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area.